Pearl Partners – High Value Staffing Services

Life science contract staffing services

The war for talent is fierce. Recruiting highly specialized, highly vetted contract-based talent grows more expensive and time consuming by the day. Pearl Pathways now delivers a solution for our life science partners to find the specialized talent they need, when they need it.

What is Pearl Partners?

High value life science contract staffing services utilizing a private nationwide network of committed consultants.

Our partners in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries can leverage Pearl’s extensive network of consultants to fulfill a variety of fixed duration roles driven by project or staff augmentation needs. Pearl is committed to building relationships with our clients to create value in the following core areas:

Pearl Partners staffing services

Building a quality, efficient team can be a challenge.  Pearl is dedicated to make this process easier for our clients with:

  • Highly skilled, committed consultants focused on adding value for our clients
  • Extensive database of highly vetted consultants
  • Flexible and responsive contract management
  • Contract talent for short and long-term project duration