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White Papers


Cureus Article, entitled “A Framework for Navigating Institutional Review Board (IRB) Oversight in the Complicated Zone of Research”
Gretchen E. Parker, PhD, RAC, CIP

RAPS publication, entitled “Global Medical Device Regulatory Strategy”
Contributor Gretchen Parker, PhD, RAC, CIP

RAPS Article (Login and Password required), entitled “Types of In Vitro Diagnostics: Clearing Up the Confusion”
Heidi Hancock Strunk, RAC

RAPS.org Article (Login and Password required), entitled “Regulatory Approval of Biosimilars: a Global Perspective”.
Gretchen Miller Bowker, MS, RAC, FRAPS; Gretchen Parker, PhD, RAC; Sarah Witwer, JD, RAC

Sage Journal Article (Login and Password required), entitled “Labeling Standards for Biosimilar Products”.
Gretchen Miller Bowker, MS, RAC, FRAPS, Gregory C. Davis, PhD (Davis Consulting Services, LLC)

ACRP Monitor ArticleHuman Research Protection:  Not Just an Obligation, a Careerpage 21-22.
Gretchen Miller Bowker, MS, RAC; Craig B. Caldwell, MBA, PhD

Factors related to immunosuppressant medication adherence in renal transplant recipients
Co-Authored by Gretchen Parker, PhD, RAC