Check out the March 2012 IBJ Biofutures article covering our expansion last year to Pearl Pathways using this link.  You will need to page through to the article on page 33. This publication is sponsored by the IBJ, Indiana Health Industry Forum, and the Indiana Medical Device Manufacturer Council.

Key quotes include:

“Our clients shaped the direction of our future growth,” says Diana Caldwell, president and CEO of Pearl Pathways. “We listened to the needs of existing and potential clients and developed a family of businesses to support the regulatory and product development challenges facing bio-pharma and device companies of all sizes.”

“The trend to outsource device and drug development is here to stay,” says Gretchen Bowker, COO of Pearl Pathways. “Our life science clients require senior professionals with a comprehensive knowledge set in the industry to guide the product development pathway. These experts need to know clinical, regulatory strategies, manufacturing, quality compliance standards, business strategies and more. Our mix of business units allows us to provide that expertise.”

“We value the breadth of Pearl’s services,” says Grace Deebo, senior vice president, regulatory affairs for Agile Therapeutics. “We can tap into their expertise for clinical, manufacturing, regulatory and quality, all in one team. Working with one company rather that three or four allows a smaller company such as ours to save time and trouble.”