Dr. Bruce Booth, Partner at Atlas Ventures, recently published an article on Forbes outlining the various models (or “worldviews”, as he calls them) of startup and early-stage biotechs, and how those models are perceived and evaluated for investments among the Venture Capital community.

Booth takes us from the more traditional, brick-and-mortar, product-generating platform companies (see Amgen); to the current trend of virtual, single-asset entities built for acquisition (see FerroKin). He outlines 3 critical success factors for each model; though different, the success factors all revolve around a theme of recruiting experienced core management and making effective use of resources and environment (in-house vs. outsourced development, early partnerships with big pharma, etc…).

The article is a great read for Pearl’s biotech clients—or anyone else developing and revising corporate strategy and fundraising campaigns in the biotechnology space.  To read the article, click here. Or contact Pearl for more information.