The commissioner of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Scot Gottlieb, recently announced an upcoming pilot program, which would create a third-party certification program. The program would be utilized for lower-risk digital health products allowing them to be marketed without FDA premarket review. This would lead to higher-risk products being marketed quicker with FDA streamlined review.FDA digital health pilot program

Gottlieb said, “Certification could be used to assess, for example, whether a company consistently and reliably engages in high quality software design and testing (validation) and ongoing maintenance of its software products. Employing a unique pre-certification program for software as a medical device (SaMD) could reduce the time and cost of market entry for digital health technologies.”1

The FDA also noted the benefits of post-market collection of real-world data, “product developers could leverage real-world data gathered through the National Evaluation System for health Technology (NEST) to expedite market entry and subsequent expansion of indications more efficiently.” Furthermore, the firm-based approach could create market incentives for greater investment in the digital health technology industry. The commissioner’s full explanation of the program can be read here.

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