McBride shared in, that Mir Imran has launched a crowdfunding website called VentureHealth to assist life science firms in obtaining capital.  Imran has partnered with associates from InCube Ventures, a venture capital (VC) firm in Silicon Valley that specializes in life science deals. The motivation behind creating VentureHealth stems from the 12% drop in life science deals done since 2011 through VCs. Many VCs are leaving the life science industry because of the high regulatory and technical risks, leaving many innovative deals on the table. Imran shares, “Venture capital for early stage life science companies has dried up in the last few years, and promising companies are always looking for investors.” This is where he hopes VentureHealth will step in. The site is targeting high wealth angel investors including physicians. What will be the future of crowdfunding as a source of capital for early stage ventures? Read the full article here.