Product Development Acceleration

Product Development Consulting:
Pearl Pathways creates and implements accelerated product development plans that save time and money.  We get our clients out of the lab or concept stage into proof of concept, small scale manufacturing, animal studies, first in human research, and ultimately to registration studies and filings.

Vendor Selection and Management:
We know how difficult it can be to select and manage your vendor network.   Often, our clients don’t have enough resources or the in-house expertise to evaluate their vendors.  Our staff provides the much needed technical expertise when evaluating vendors, and once the vendor is on board, we can help manage them along the product development path.

Due Diligence:
We offer evaluation expertise for new product in-licensing or purchase opportunities. This can range from an acquisition or merger decisions to a new formulation or technology platform.

Market Research:
We help our clients understand the market opportunity for their service idea, or the health care professionals’ needs for new diagnostic or therapeutic products.  We understand that you must gather critical market insights to guide your development path.

Commercialization Strategy:
Our staff can create impactful business plans, and sales and marketing strategies for life science product commercialization and beyond.

Services offered:

  • Business plan writing
  • Marketing plan development
  • Grant writing assistance
  • Marketing and PR tactical implementation
  • Website support
  • Social media
  • Press releases
  • Online advertising and pay per click campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Trade show support
  • Sales and distribution strategies