Our Home Town – Indianapolis – Featured as the Crossroads for Life Science Industry

“Indianapolis used to be the quintessential Rust Belt city. Now it’s at the center of a statewide boom in the life-sciences business.” As Emily Maltby’s article, “Where the Action IS,” for The Wall Street Journal indicates, Indianapolis should no longer be known as the crossroads of America in a strictly geographical sense; Indianapolis has become the crossroads of the life science industry. The article focuses on seven cities that have become hubs for specific industries and have “entrepreneurs… moving there and flourishing in the teeth of a bleak economy.” This is great news for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small firms, and large corporations in the life sciences industry here in Indianapolis for a number of reasons. A high density of similar small businesses naturally creates high competition which forces innovation to be at the forefront of each individual business’ outlook.

Additionally, a concentration of small firms in the same field catches the eye of “big players” with expendable funds for investing and also the government, which can establish funding programs and policies. Though a high level of competition between small life-sciences businesses is apparent here in the Circle City, a certain level of comradery exists that should be noted. The more start-ups established and flourishing in Indianapolis, the more recognition we see for the city and the state, thus increasing jobs and funding for everyone.

To see the full WSJ article, click here.